Did you hear the one about the girl who started a farm animal sanctuary?

It all started with an itty-bitty girl completely infatuated with animals. Animals of all kinds; I have always loved them all and wanted to love *on* them all. In fact, my first pet was a precious curly, black-haired toy poodle we (my parents, younger brother and myself) named Cricket. Oh, how I adored Cricket. She was the sweetest, silkiest little pup that loved to flaunt bows in her ears. My admiration for Cricket was a big problem for my parents, as they thought I “loved her too much”. My parents were not, and are still to this day, not animal people. I’m not exactly sure where my strong passion for creatures comes from…

Other than the brief time I had with Cricket, and then an extremely, dog-like parakeet, Dixie, I didn’t have the privilege of having any other animals growing up.

I got my first job when I was 14 years old at a natural food and vitamin store, and upon me graduating high school, I had saved some money to move out on my own and get a place that would allow for me to have a dog.

Shortly after I moved out of my parent’s home, I met my future husband, Craig, and we adopted our first four-legged child together, Abbie. I could write an entire novel on how Abbie flipped my world and brought an incredible amount of happiness to my life, but I will leave those details for the actual novel. Abbie, a precious rat terrier with an adorable underbite, will be forever honored around the farm.

Fast forward to 2007.  Craig was working 50 weeks a year on the road as a consultant. By this time, we had been married for six years and being apart took a toll. Thankfully I had Abbie and her newly adopted sister, Lillie (a foxy Shiba Inu), to keep me company. Craig was diagnosed with cancer. It was a complete blow. The consulting company that he was employed through at the time, did not offer health insurance. Having cancer, treating cancer and dealing with all that goes along with cancer without insurance was debilitating. It clobbered us and beat us down; however, the two of us together, proved to be a force to be reckoned with! Craig beat cancer! And is now 10 years cancer free!!! We brushed ourselves off and decided to make a new (warmer) life for ourselves in a different state; so the seven of us (we had adopted two parakeets, Frank and Dean) up and moved from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the outskirts of Sin City.While we very much enjoyed living in Nevada, especially rescuing our rambunctious, three-week old Malchi, Pennie (Pennie was a product of a bad squatter situation. She was about to be dumped on the Las Vegas strip. While we know taking a puppy at such a young age away from her mother would have future consequences, it was necessary to save her life), we knew if we were going to be truly happy, we’d need to move somewhere that would allow us to have a large chunk of land to plant our roots and create the story we always dreamt of, so we moved to a small town in Texas, about 40 miles north of Austin. Craig works in downtown Austin and must commute to his job everyday, so we built a beautiful home on 1.5 acres to allow for this. Now, ever since we moved to Texas in the summer of 2013, we were on the hunt for the perfect place that would have no HOA or restrictions, but would allow for lots of animals (including our Texas native children, Charlie, our idyllic Beagle; Daphnie, a rescued American Pit Bull mix; and four indoor felines, Katie, Henry, Audrie & Rusty), which brings us to the present day…

Spring of 2018, we met and got chatting with a nice cattle rancher that owns A TON of land around our area. He loved our vision and offered to sell us some of his acreage that he had, only seven straight miles from our current home!!End of May we bought a 54.5 acre hay farm currently filled with about 100 heads of cattle that I visit with and learn from. It is a blank slate and all I could have ever hoped for – a heavenly vision! We are beyond excited and anxious, but have a lot of work ahead of us.

Craig and I thank you for stopping by, and visiting our page. We have many exciting things in our future benefiting many animals, as well as our community. We look forward to making new friends and creating a better world by Being Kind To Every Kind.

Happy Tails,

Heather Drummond

Co-Founder and Executive Director res•cued Sanctuary For Animals